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The 15 Minute Central Park 20 Guests or Less Wedding!
The Fascinating Power of Words...and Your Vows
Elopements Are Romantic! We're Ready if You Are!
The Morning After...The First New Day...
Ready, Set, I Do? Yes, The Right Officiant Really Matters!

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The 15 Minute Central Park 20 Guests or Less Wedding!
Ready, Set, I Do? Yes, The Right Officiant Really Matters!
Elopements Are Romantic! We're Ready if You Are!
The Morning After...The First New Day...
The Fascinating Power of Words...and Your Vows


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The We Love Love Blog!

The 15 Minute Central Park 20 Guests or Less Wedding!

The ascending rustic staircase with beautiful benches surrounded by gorgeous flowers...Shakespeare Garden in Central Park! One of our picks for a very small but splendid wedding ceremony this summer.

One of the main reasons for this choice is the fact that the venue is free if you have 20 guests or under! Another great reason is its lush greenery,  beautiful flowers and appointed pathways! Think of the great photographic memories the two of you, your family and friends can make in the stunning surroundings of Central Park! Add to the benefit of  the savings to your budget, there are fantastic restaurants so close to the many picturesque spots where you can hold your ceremony in the park, that you can continue your celebration within minutes of your saying "I do!" If you have guests coming in from out of town, this iconic New York City landmark gives you extra bragging rights because after all, you are New Yorkers!

There are many other terrific locations within the park. We've posted some of them on our Pinterest board "Now That's a Wedding!"  We hope you'll check them out and follow us!

Summer wedding season is just beginning! If you are interested in having us officiate your small and intimate wedding in Central Park or in any of the other great parks in New York City, schedule your appointment with us today on our "contact us" page! We are here to help you compose lovely vows and memories!

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Equally Loved Shakespeare Garden Ceremony Location Short Video
We captured this footage right before a very small ceremony in Central Park at Shakespeare Garden ! The staircase, the flowers were perfect for the small ceremony!

The Fascinating Power of Words...and Your Vows

"And now by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you..." The real power isn't vested in any celebrant or officiant beyond the legal power of the licenses granted by the state. The true power is the power that comes from the soul, the heart and the core which is vested in the couple themselves. Of course it is a joint collaboration, but it is also an individual enterprise. For you  have been creating this moment over your lifetime, dear lovers.

Words have energy. They can evoke passion and pain. Love and hate. Laughter and tears.  They have a way of setting the mood. The vows that you take on your wedding day should be embraced as more than a short and sweet colloquy that comes after the trip down the aisle and before the champagne starts to flow. It really is an affirmation of all of the love that brought you to this juncture and a guide for life's unpredictable path forward. So rushing through your vows like you would the instructions on an aspirin bottle simply isn't a wise move. With the aspirin bottle or the vows.  Both may seem familiar but both require understanding.

Couples spend a lot of time preparing every other facet of their weddings. After all, in its purest sense, a wedding is a production. You hire assistant directors and production assistants (your wedding planner, photographer, caterer); and your sound lighting and music people. You have your makeup artists and your wardrobe crew. You can spend a fortune on set designers. But wait a minute! Did you forget something? Of course you did! It's your script. Your vows. The very glue that cements your story. The vital part of your production that should be chosen with care and love.  Only the couple can bring the excitement and emotion to those words. Only the two of you can give your vows the meaning and affection they deserve. 

Picture the power of looking into each other's eyes while feeling each syllable as you slowly allow yourself to savor the significance of the commitment you are making. You have chosen this wonderful person above all others. You have rolled the love dice and come up a winner.  On this day, you are standing in front of family and friends professing the completeness and oneness of the choice you've made of who to share it all with. Vows can bring awareness to the entire family because that structure will be forever changed. You may be blending  the  family and it's the affirmations that reassure the family that your love will help make the family stronger. It will be the vows that evoke laughter and memories that ease  tensions may develop while planning for that day. And if the guests erupt in applause and laughter, the vows will be what triggers that reaction. 

As the years go by,  it will be the vows that bring you to tears, along with the lyrics of the songs that may be played or the poetry that is read. The carefully themed asseverations will be what gets you through the valleys that may come long after the honeymoon phase fades.  

Of course, you can tell yourself that as long as it's legal, who cares what you say?  If your love is strong enough and your commitment is true,  it's all going to work out anyway. On the other hand,  you've made investments in all of the aspects of your wedding. Without a doubt you've been talking to everyone about everything having to do with your day. The power of the vows are truly vested in you and the most important people in the ceremony get to deliver them for and to one another! 
Think of your vows as the preface of the new novel you will begin writing on your wedding day. Here's to some great chapters in your book of life together!

Elopements Are Romantic! We're Ready if You Are!

Big, bigger, biggest weddings are exciting and filled with glamour! Who doesn't love a big wedding and fabulous reception? We love them all and we think elopements can be  lovely, charming and delightfully planned! And while Equally Loved aren't wedding planners or event coordinators, we travel to wherever our couples have chosen for their ceremonies to take place! Our elopement fees are so reasonable, couples may want to have their ceremonies in places like a small garden or beautiful backyard. They can actually have their wedding in places like Central Park  because an elopement may often have 20 guests or less, depending upon the location in the park, there may not even be a park fee! A couple contacted us just the other day about having an evening ceremony barefoot at the beach...certainly a romantic favorite. Today, we tweeted about the idea of having a fun ceremony at a Coney Island location. The list of ideas can be endless! 

We want to be your wedding officiants and we will bring joy, love and creativity to your special day. So if you want to have your ceremony on your apartment balcony with your best friends or you want to find a quiet place under the stars near the boardwalk...just let us know. We want to be among the first calls that you make while planning your day. We enjoy helping you compose your vows or recreating traditional ones. We will be there to help you deliver them with ease and tenderness and yes...even laughter! The most important words you will speak that day can be performed in a small venue without breaking the budget so that you and your guests can spend the rest of the day celebrating with each other and making photographic and video memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to be there with you! Wherever you want it to be!

The Morning After...The First New Day...

It is Sunday afternoon in New York City. The day after many couples celebrated their wedding day and the exchanging of their vows. It is a rainy day and so many are still basking in the glow, the blur and the joy of the yesterday.  You are wrapped in each others arms still intoxicated with happiness. No matter where you are right now; be it a honeymoon in some wonderful scenic location, or the serenity of your new home or apartment as a newly married couple, this is a time for embracing all that has come before and is. 

For days, weeks or perhaps years you planned for yesterday. You've been surrounded by magazines and ideas. You've fussed with family, wedding planners and caterers. You have laughed and cried with friends and reflected upon how you met each other and arrived at the seconds when you knew that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together. But today, on this quiet day, you look each other in the eyes. You share a gentle and romantic kiss. You make love so gently. You fall asleep and wake up in your new best cuddling pose because now, you are married. 

There is no urgency. There are no phone calls. The most important awareness you have is of each other or the gentle rain and sweet smells of an early afternoon brunch. There is no urgency. In these first few hours, there is no need to do anything but surround yourselves with each other.  The day to day can wait for now. The thank yous,  opening of gifts, showcasing of photos and videos can come later.  The rapturous celebration of you is in the now; this moment;  the overwhelmingly grand alpha of "we."

Ready, Set, I Do? Yes, The Right Officiant Really Matters!

Congratulations! You’re getting married. This is the most significant day in your life. You’ve hired the wedding planner and booked the location. You know who you want in your wedding party and down to the last detail, you have planned and budgeted for everything! Everything except who is officiating!  No matter where you have your wedding, or whether you elope  at the Qwiki-Mart, you want an officiant who has an interest in making sure the most important words you’ve probably ever uttered be done so in a beautifully delivered way! Have you ever been to a ceremony where the minister, or  civil officiant forgot the names of the couple? Or perhaps they didn’t forget the names but they couldn’t pronounce them correctly? Then there are the ones who are so over booked that your ceremony is the 3 wedding that day and they keep looking at their watch because they have to get  to the 4.  Maybe the pastor is a wonderful old man but he just can’t seem to stay awake long enough to get to the “do you take this…” part of the ceremony, and there the couple stands with the videographer capturing every mortified expression the couple’s faces. Who you hire to officiate at your wedding, elopement or the renewal of your vows is very important. Whether you will say those words with 2 witnesses or 200, they should come from the heart and a place of peace and joy. Your souls should be lifted when you hear them delivered by your officiant and each other. There should be sounds of excitement and anticipation for all who have gathered to witness your commitment of love in those magical moments. Imagine that you have come this far and invested in every detail of your wonderful day and then before those precious moments, your officiant  says  “We need to speed this up because I have another wedding to get to in 30 minutes.”  Make the right choice, dear couples. Ask your officiant how many ceremonies they have booked for that day. Work with them to compose your vows or to re-write traditional vows to make them unique for you. Ask if their fee is all inclusive and will they be willing to coordinate with your planner if necessary. They are responsible for making sure that your marriage license if filled out properly and legally and  that it is registered with the city clerk or marriage bureau. Ask them to help guide you through the steps of obtaining your license . Will they attend the  wedding  rehearsal or just the day of the ceremony? Do their fees include travel to the wedding or is there a separate fee for travel? Do they offer any additional services?  In general, get to know what they offer because “I do” should be the sweetest part, but remember that it’s also the legal part which requires professionalism by your officiant and a great deal of care on that wonderful day. Oh yes, my dears…the right (not the most expensive) officiant matters!

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